Friday, November 26, 2010

End of the Season

Great times with great friends. I hate to see the end of the outdoor entertaining. But, the last party of Fall is always the best!

The air is crisp, the fire warm and the friends plentiful!

Every year the week before Thanksgiving, we deep pit meat for the holiday. This year, we invited friends to bring their turkeys and briskets and throw them in! It takes 4-5 hours for the coals in the pit to burn down to cooking temp (then 12 hours to cook) . . . which allows plenty of time for trading lies around a bonfire, endless rounds of horseshoes, beer, food and laughter! The weather cooperated for an evening cool enough for a fire but nice enough to not have to wear a coat!

We roasted dogs and feasted on homemade mac n cheese, couscous salad, bratwurst, pecan pie and fresh made salsa and chips.

Many thanks to good friends Dave & Holly Jamin,
Ray & Lori Haworth, Walter, Andi & Felicia Gourley & Lu Brown . . . we really enjoyed the evening . . we hope you all enjoyed your delicious smoked treats for Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It could work . . . I think

I bought this totally awesome vintage chalkboard at a yard sale for $4 whole dollars! (go me!)

I scrubbed it down, shined up the frame.

Now, what to put on it??

Since it most likely started its life off in a school, I thought it would be appropriate to honor its roots and draw something "educational" . . . like HOW TO MAKE A PIG FLY!

I got out my chalk and started doodling. Now, I don't know if the math is quite right . . . but in theory it should work . . right?

Either way, it makes a great addition to our living room wall and is always a conversation piece when someone new comes to visit!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Toad Jam "There's something in my shoe"

He was just lookin' for a place to stay warm! This is what happens when you leave your shoes on the porch too long . . . nature moves in!

I pried him out and put him in the garden, I'm sure he's thinkin' . . "what a bitch"

Who cares about the steaks

This is for Lori . . . who nags me about updating my blog . . . who would see posts like these if she would grow up and get a FACEBOOK page dammit . . . but since she finds FACEBOOK impossible to use, I am reposting here JUST FOR HER!! (LOL . . . LOVE YA!!)

I just got a box of Omaha Steaks . . . now the best part of getting a box from Omaha Steaks (at least in my opinion) is the DRY ICE in the bottom of the box WOO HOO

My house is looking like a mad science experiment! I have cups on the windowsill smokin' and bubblin' . . . the toilets are smokin' . . the dog's water dish (insert evil laughter).

Seriously . . this stuff is SO COOL

Who cares about steaks! I have new toys!!

I posted it Omaha Steaks fan page on FB . . here is what they told me LOL

Omaha Steaks Thanks for being a fan and enjoy your order, Kala! We do not recommend playing with the dry ice. It can be harmful/dangerous. ;) ~ TawnyNovember 3 at 11:34am ·

I told them that's what kitchen tongs are for . . . duh . . . they just don't know how to have good ol' fashioned fun!

I sent my dad a box of steaks too . . . he called to thank me for the dry ice . . . so I guess I come by it naturally ROFL