Friday, June 3, 2011

Pete's Place

If you love Italian food and you visit Oklahoma, then a stop at Pete's Place in Krebs is a must!

Established in 1925 by Italian immigrant Pietro Piegari, who started brewing his famous Choc beer and then later opened a restaurant in 1925. The rest is history!
The Choc Brewery makes some of the finest craft beers you will ever sample and the food at Pete's is legendary.

We stopped at Pete's for dinner on our Memorial Day Model A putt up the Talimena Drive. Just the set-up is enough for two.

Your meal begins with an antipasto plate of Pepperoncini, Muenster Cheese and Olives, a HUGE bowl of salad and an endless basket of garlic bread!
My favorite! Ice cold Peach Beer from the brewery next door! They don't bottle the peach . . you have to come to Pete's to sample it.

The kitchen was HOPPIN when we were there! The smell was incredible when you walked by the door!

Mmmmm . . . all the spaghetti you can eat!

Pete's is located in a lovely, butter yellow house . . that is HUGE on the inside!

Lunch leftovers for the next day!

Just the set-up is enough to stuff you . . Antipasto, Bread, Salad, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Meatballs!

Mushroom smothered Ribeye!

We ate on the leftovers for two days! Cut up chunks of steak on crackers with cheese . . mmmm . . perfect road food.

Seriously, if you get a chance, visit the town of Krebs, the "little Italy" of Oklahoma. There is an Italian grocery store, Lovera's where they carry all things Italian and an amazing array of salami, sausages and hand-crafted cheese.

But especially, stop by and eat at Pete's, you won't be disappointed! . . and tour the brewery next door, it's a day/evening well spent!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Memorial Day in Vintage Style!

We have a 1929 Ford Model A that Jim has been dying to take on a long road trip. So, on Saturday, we packed our bags, an ice chest and headed out to Southeastern Oklahoma. We spent the first night in Macalster at the Happy Days Hotel (decorated in theme rooms from the 50's) very fun!

We had dinner at a GREAT Italian restaurant, Pete's Place in Krebs (also the home of the Choc Beer Brewery . . darn our luck LOL) . . I will post a separate blog on Pete's . . what a great place.

The next morning we headed to Mena, Arkansas and spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon slogging around the antique shops (found some great trinkets!)

We took the scenic Talimena Drive ( on into Wilburton, Oklahoma and spent the night. We saw TWO black bears on the mountain! One was a cub at an overlook . . I scared him and he scared me (I threw a peanut butter sandwich at him and ran for the truck LOL . . he was running the opposite direction so no worries LOL). The other was a full grown Black Bear that was just standing by the road . . . I have a couple videos of him on my facebook page.

We had a great Mexican dinner at Adelita's, in Wilburton, they have several locations and it just happens that this one sits too close to both a church and a school to serve beer they said. . good food . .but would have been MUCH better with an ice cold Corona!!

The next morning we got up early and headed to Robber's Cave State Park ( Stupid me only took flip flops on the trip and had to hike the boulders in sandals LOL (But I DID it!!). Jim even got me to straddle an endless crack in the earth! You have to know that I am TERRIFIED of heights and my heart was beating so hard you could about hear it!! He was laughing so hard at me that he had tears running down his face (ass). I got attacked by a tree vine on the way down (told the people at the bottom it was a bear . . have to have fun with the tourists ya know)

We saw a bobcat and a few deer and enjoyed watching the buzzards playing in the wind -- they look like they have way too much fun doing that!

All in all it was a FUN trip! We didn't want to come back home, 427 miles in all (at the top speed of 45 mph). We decided we are doing it again in the fall, when the trees are in full color, taking hiking shoes and hiking the trails around Robber's Cave (they look amazing).

Here are a few pics from our adventure!

It was nice knowing him . . . I sure as Hell was NOT getting close enough to save him!

Monkey boy Jim . . going places I would NOT

Risking my life . . standing on a edge of a cliff (I swear, it was a LONG way down!!)

Looking over the edge (as close as I was willing to get!!)

A doe and her little spotty fawn, he was jumping all over the place like a little jumping bean!

The chef, preparing peanut butter and jelly sannys for breakfast!!

Wedging myself in a rock staircase!

These were so cool looking!

Bear damage!!!! (that's my story at least)

I thought these looked like big green hairy butt cheeks!

On the way to the cave

Trail marker to the cave

She's looking shiny and pretty thanks to Route 66 Tint & Toys in Bristow (great detail job . . THANKS!)

I know . . the crack looks small here . . but stand on top of it . . it went down to CHINA!! (I could have died. . . honestly)