Friday, June 3, 2011

Pete's Place

If you love Italian food and you visit Oklahoma, then a stop at Pete's Place in Krebs is a must!

Established in 1925 by Italian immigrant Pietro Piegari, who started brewing his famous Choc beer and then later opened a restaurant in 1925. The rest is history!
The Choc Brewery makes some of the finest craft beers you will ever sample and the food at Pete's is legendary.

We stopped at Pete's for dinner on our Memorial Day Model A putt up the Talimena Drive. Just the set-up is enough for two.

Your meal begins with an antipasto plate of Pepperoncini, Muenster Cheese and Olives, a HUGE bowl of salad and an endless basket of garlic bread!
My favorite! Ice cold Peach Beer from the brewery next door! They don't bottle the peach . . you have to come to Pete's to sample it.

The kitchen was HOPPIN when we were there! The smell was incredible when you walked by the door!

Mmmmm . . . all the spaghetti you can eat!

Pete's is located in a lovely, butter yellow house . . that is HUGE on the inside!

Lunch leftovers for the next day!

Just the set-up is enough to stuff you . . Antipasto, Bread, Salad, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Meatballs!

Mushroom smothered Ribeye!

We ate on the leftovers for two days! Cut up chunks of steak on crackers with cheese . . mmmm . . perfect road food.

Seriously, if you get a chance, visit the town of Krebs, the "little Italy" of Oklahoma. There is an Italian grocery store, Lovera's where they carry all things Italian and an amazing array of salami, sausages and hand-crafted cheese.

But especially, stop by and eat at Pete's, you won't be disappointed! . . and tour the brewery next door, it's a day/evening well spent!

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