Friday, February 25, 2011

Who knew?

Banana Distribution? in Oklahoma? . . who knew? (maybe that explains Frank's tomato truck . . it is right across the street . . . hmmmm)

An afternoon in the city!

My friend Holly and I decided to bum around Oklahoma City today . . we headed to the Stockyard district using my trusty iPhone's GPS maps (snort . . ) and got distracted by the fascinating old Farmers Market area.

We happened upon a gorgeous old building that displayed the faint painted letters "FARMERS PUBLIC MARKET" and by the signage around it, hoped it contained antiques. (not true, huge sigh) . . but being the nosy ol' broads we are. We marched in and treated ourselves
to a self tour of an amazing building.

People were carrying wedding items in by the armload, (they were getting ready for a bridal show) so we just boldly blended in and walked around like we knew what we were d

We met the handyman upstairs who said we were welcome to nose around . . the only ones he that aren't welcome are the homeless (I thought he said "holiness" . . at which I turned to Holly and said . . "now what does he have against the holiness?" . . when she got done giggling, she said, "No, he said as long as we're not HOMELESS" LOL

He told us the owner has put over a half a million dollars restoring the building and they still haven't hardly scratched the surface. It says booked for events for almost a year in advance. I wish I would have taken more pics of the building inside and out. But all I had with me was
a little Kodak digital camera . . why I left for a road trip without my big camera . . who knows??

There are the most amazing hand painted murals everywhere. The entry is painted a most wonderful deep tomato red . . truly an amazing building. I can't wait to revisit and watch the remodeling progress. It does the heart good to see people appreciate and bring back to life historic buildings.
If you get a chance, wander in, they don't mind . . it's on the way to the stockyards and is truly a feast for the eyes.

You say "Tomato" . . I say "Banana" . . .

Dear Frank,
Please rethink your advertising agency, that is not a tomato.
(and by the way . . let them know that using an octopus for a model was a bad move)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Heart . . .

Since February is the month of love (by retail standards at least LOL) . . I thought I would share one of my very most favorite pieces of jewelry with you.

It never fails to brings comments when I wear it and I treasure it above even very expensive pieces of jewelry I own . . in fact I think if the house was on fire and I could only save ONE piece of jewelry, this would be it.

It is made of clay by the then 10 year hands of my son, Nicholas . . and very carefully, scratched in the back are the initials "N.V. 1993", and the love shows in every bubble, flaw and fingerprint it contains.

I love all the fun stuff the kids have given us through the years . . . and treasure each one and the thought and effort that was extended to make them. Jim and I both actually still display and use most of them.

After all . . how can you NOT treasure a gift that was given purely by the heart?