Monday, January 25, 2010

My girls . . .

They are both so lovely (inside and out). Tor on the left, Jill on the right
New Year's in Wyoming


The smallest of things amuse me . . . I picked up the mail and was paging through it and saw this. I have to admit . . my first thought was "Oh no, what has he ordered in the mail now?" then I realized it was a "BassMaster" advertisement. LOL!

Frog Balls!

We went to Wyoming for a late Christmas (New Year's) get together. I am LATE getting pictures up (sorry family).
This is what greeted me the first morning I stumbled upstairs for coffee and was looking for coffee creamer.

Mmmmm . . . frog balls (don't you love the interesting things lurking in other people's fridges?)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss you . . Love you . . .

Dear Mom,

It has been 1 year today since I held you hand and whispered in your ear that it was ok to leave us . . . I miss you more than ever.

I see you everywhere and in everything. I thought about you when I got up this morning and smelled my paperwhites on the dining room table and knew how much you would have loved them and when I saw your bunny sitting in the same spot on our fireplace that it sat on yours and in the same spot it sat on your mom's fireplace. It gives me great pleasure to use the things you loved and that your mother loved and tell their stories to my daughter, thank you for giving them meaning.

On the way to town, the tears streamed down my face at the bare branched trees against the morning sky and how you marveled in their beauty . . winter lace you always called them. I even miss the way you annoyed the hell out of me at times . . . that is what family is for LOL.

I guess I just wanted to say you are not forgotten, you are fondly talked of often . . . at dinners and family events and always with a smile.

Love you always . . .