Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When life gives you lemons . . .

So . . . you have a pile of lemons, some great fresh organic eggs, butter . . . what do you do?

I know!  Fresh Lemon Curd!

Silky, creamy, sweet but tart.  Perfect on bread, scones, English muffins, shortbread  . . . spoons LOL

Easier to make than it sounds . . you don't need the double boiler method or need to use just the yolks. I use entire eggs and make it my Welsh granny's way . . . mmmmmm GOOD.

Fresh Lemon Curd

1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 5 large Meyer lemons)
1 cup of sugar
6 eggs
12 T of Butter (I used salted)
Zest of the the lemons you squeezed.

Curd is normally made over a double boiler using only the yolks, this is because the whites cook a different temp often leaving white lumps . . doesn't affect the taste but certainly doesn't look pretty.

My grandmother had another trick!  She was always the practical one, wasting nothing by using whole eggs.  The trick is in the prep.

Start by creaming the butter and sugar much like you would for a cake.  When it's light and fluffy, add the eggs one by one . . then the zest.  Continue beating and slowly add the lemon juice.  This mixture will appear curdled . . NO WORRIES. This is fix itself when you cook it.

Place mixture in a heavy bottomed saucepan on med to med/low heat.  Stir continuously until thick like a pudding.  Remove from heat and cool in the pan . . stirring every few minutes until completely cool.  Pour into jars when it's cool (if it makes it that far), refrigerate and enjoy.

My only problem today?  I have no bread, muffins, scones . . . BUT, I do have a spoon!  YUMMMMY!

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