Sunday, February 2, 2014

Men . . . nuff said

It's snowing outside . . so, we are house bound . . what to do . . what to do?

I know, my husband says . . "Let's clean out the attic!"  (not what I had in mind . . truly). but it's a great day to post things on the sale and trade sites, there's a great captive and bored audience out there right now!  He goes upstaris . . digs around like a squirel having a seizure and hauls down this old clock, and says . . "do we really need this anymore?"  "we haven't used it in YEARS"  So, in the box it goes for sale.

Of all the shit up there . . that's the ONE thing he chooses . . sigh

Ok, let me take a pic (off I run to find my iPhone, because it's easier and they take damn good pics) . . I'm not paying attention to him (which is probably half the problem LOL)

"Hold it up" I say!

THIS is what I see

Men . . LOL

So I have this GREAT burlwood clock for sale . . . Runs on one AA battery
Call me
(Vanna not included in sale)

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