Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh Facebook! My daily dose of entertainment!

I love Facebook for a lot of reasons.

I love staying connected with friends, I get up to date news flashes of what happens around town. I follow inspirational pages . . it's just so many things!

I'm sure everyone out there by now has experienced in influx of "For Sale and Trade" pages.  I love them . . . I've sold a crap load of stuff on them (unfortunately, I've bought a crap load too!)

Every once in a while . . a train wreck happens.  You know, those posts that the comments just keep flying in and it looks like it will come to blows?  I rarely post on those, but they are GREAT to watch (admit it . . you do too)

Occasionally . . I am the accidental train conductor  LOL!

Like this . . (I blurred all name except mine to protect the guilty) . . . I've laughed about this all night and all this morning.  The sad thing is, the original poster of the cookies was banned from the site for posting "obscene photos" . . tis a shame . . because I really was going to purchase a dozen to take to my next Tuesday coffee with the girls . . . huge sigh

What was especially hilarious to me (and the several people that private messaged me) was the lady that called me a sicko and pervert . . went on to suggest we all need to get laid!  LOL

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