Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I love shopping on Etsy

I sell my greeting cards on a site called Etsy (

I also buy my fair share of stuff there too! Check this out! It is from an artisan in Belgium named "TwoTreesBelgium" ( Go check out her work.

I can't wait to get this . . it is TOO hilarious!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Friends . . .

My daughter Tori (on the right) and her friend Felicia (left) have been best friends since first grade. It is such a nice thing knowing that they will always be the best of friends.

Spent the day at Lake Keystone with good friends Walter & Andi and Mitch & Beenie . . . always a great time. Too bad the sun eventually has to set and we have to go home.

Have you seen my turtle?

Dude, you lost your turtle at the lake . . .where do you think it is?

Those overalls are handy for a lot of things!

Bib overalls are the BEST garden tool! They have a great harvest pouch on the front!

Yummy! I can eat these all day long . . . almost better than jelly beans (I said almost . . . I haven't gone completely insane)

The Jello shots were brutal Beenie

Beenie critiques her Jello shot!
Joni made em . . . oooo baby . . . . someone said they would grow hair in places you never had it before!! (I should have been afraid at that point)

Andi's Big 50

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDI! . . and Barb . . and Happy 31st Anniversary to Walter AND Andi . . . it was an EVERYTHING PARTY! . . .aren't those the best kind?
The cake LOOKED great . . . on everyone . . . no idea HOW it tasted!! (too many Jello shots by that time)

Pete wanted a pool . . .

Joni said she wanted Boobies, Pete said . . "we could have a pool for that" . . . (you should see their great pool!)

The Big Ass and the Sweet Bitch

We brought wine to the party . . . Andi said (and this is a quote) . . . "the Sweet Bitch is for me . . the Big Ass is for Walter" ROFL