Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Check out this yard sale find!

The picture doesn't really do it justice. It stands about chest high and is HEAVY. I am going to make a fountain out of it. $15 at a yard sale . . Wooooo

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yummmm . . Garden Goodness

We have not had rain for so long so we broke down and purchased drip irrigation for the whole place, complete with timers and every gadget, got up Sunday to install and guess what? It was RAINING . . go figure (sure way to make it rain . . 1. Wash the car, 2. Water the yard)

So, after the rain, we spent the rest of the day running drip lines to every garden box, every flower bed and every potted patio plant . . . WHEW! my back is achin! . . but boy am I glad that's done. We have all the timer boxes to water 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night. This should save a TON of water and make for much happier plants (cuz Grace is famous for shamlessly torturing plants) . .

But check out the cherry tomatoes and bell peppers! Yumm . . we can't wait . . we try to will them into ripening every day by staring at them . . . soon, soon

Weed Eater (Okie Style)

We truly do live as organically as possible . . to prove it . . here is my favorite Weed Eater. His name is Mr. Ed!

My Husband's Dad's Day Adventure

Ok (so this is a little late in posting) . . Our daughter and her fiance Tyler, treated her father (and myself) to a day at the ballpark. We went to the Bricktown Ball Park in Oklahoma City to watch the Red Hawks win at the very last inning!

Jim wore a very LOUD colored Hawaiian shirt. The only thing I regret is not being fast enough with the camera to catch a pic of him on the Big Screen as a camera zoomed in on him dancing to the YMCA song . . DANG IT!

But a GREAT time was had by all of us . . thank you Jim . . for being the very best father to our children . .I love you!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can it get any HOTTER?

OMG! . . it has been over 100 (and humid) for about 4+ days and it is forcasted for more through Monday . . . I can't drink enough water . . the weatherman says it will "cool off to the upper 90's next week" (like that will help LOL)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

He doesn't look happy . . .

So, we were out for a drive and out in the middle of "no where" was this HUGE cow with HUGE horns, dragging a rope around. The rope is all tangled around his horns and does not look very happy. The span between his horns had to be at least five feet . . monster cow!

I said "oh . . . he's lost . . ." my husband dared me to get the rope and lead him home (Umm does Grace look like an idiot?. . . he looked like he would just as soon eat me as look at me).
We stopped at the ranch he obviously belonged to and let them know where he was (hope they took a BIG stick with them LOL)

Nature's sense of humor

You have to appreciate Nature's sense of humor! Meet Pete & Ruby . . my slightly naughty Desert Rose plants.

My mother-in-law, Maureen and I found these at Home Depot's plant department . . we found Pete first and about laughed ourselves silly . . then we got to looking at all the others and found him a companion . . Ruby

They sit on my front porch to greet all that arrive at our door!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Evil . . thy name is "Mowgli"

This is Mowgli . . my daughter's 4 month old blue heeler. He is in that half grown, all legs, into everything stage. She brought him home for an overnight visit since her other half was out of town for the evening.

He terrorized the cat . . tried to eat a computer cord . . drug out every dog toy in the house to the middle of the living room and hogged them all . . destroyed a patio plant . . threw his food dish around the kitchen like a rag toy, and after a bath dried himself on a pile of mail that was on the floor (all in one night)

Still, it is wonderful having a puppy around . . wouldn't it be nice if they could stay this age (only a bit more behaved)?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here's one to cool ya off on a hot day!

Couldn't resist . . hard to believe this was only THREE months ago!
Wishing for just a bit of this now . . the heat index was over 100 day

First looks can be deceiving

On a "girl trip" to Eureka Springs, Arkansas . . we came across a BIG windchime. The first pic does not begin to do it justice . . . look at the second pic with my BFF Lori Haworth . . . that was one MONSTER windchime (and it sounded amazing!)

Fun Things We've Discovered

Thought I would dig through my archives and from time to time, show you some of the fun and silly things we have found while on road trips.

These two pictures are from my annual "Girls Trip" held each fall when the leaves start turning. I gather as many good gal buds as I can and we head deeper into the Ozarks with picnic lunches and cameras in hand.

These are from a trip in 2006 when we got the giggles over a couple of motel signs that we saw, our favorite was the "G Spot" . . . we laughed so hard on that one we had to pull over.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have a great night-time hangout (and daytime too!)

My daughter-in-law Jill was visiting recently from California, and while we were sitting on the patio one evening, enjoying tall glasses of iced tea . . . we had a brainstorm (scary) and decided to light up the patio with Christmas twinkle lights.
The result was charming and makes for a delightful night-time retreat. After (note the AFTER) we finished, my husband said . . "why didn't you use the LED Christmas lights that don't attract the bugs?" . . . it would have been nice for him to put his two cents in BEFORE we were finished.

(inserting advance apology to Jill) . . the ONLY pic I have of you helping is the backside pic LOL (I said sorry . . but your hubby who is flying on the other side of the world will enjoy it!)

Tonight, we are grilling chicken and eating on the patio under the twinkling lights . . love it, love it, love it
During the Day

And now at night (the pic through the trees was taken by Jill)

THANKS FOR THE HELP JILL! We really enjoy the lights!

It's not a fish (but ya wouldn't know it)

It is a dog or a duck?
We brought home a kiddie pool for the dogs. Buddy and Sara won't have a thing to do with it, but Scout, is either going to mold or grow webbed feet . . . she is SO obsessed with water! She barks at sprinklers and gets excited when you turn the hose on . . silly dog!

How my garden grows . . . or not

Discovered the reason my onions are always laying sideways . . . it's my canine garden help!
I think that's why I also have a lack of strawberries too, ever since the strawberries have started turning red she watches closely when I pick them, I haven't caught her picking but she often has "red lips" hmmmm

Grace starts a blog! (or, it's about time she joined the real world!)

Every Sunday we can, my husband and I grab a cup of coffee and hit the road. We have done this our entire marriage, it is our little bit of "alone time" that is ours alone.

We pick a road, decide which way to turn when we get to a crossroad (left, right or straight). It doesn't matter what weather, or what time of year.

We have met the most interesting people, seen the most fascinating things and answered that burning question "I wonder where that road goes?" We have been stuck in mud, waited out rainstorms with broken wipers, and occassionaly have ended up in another states accidently (wow, how did we get that far from home?)

Today, we left home, turned right, went through town, turned left and then right and picked a random road . . here is what we found!!

We picked a country road that went past the Nuyaka Natural Farms (http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M10002) a local CSA Organic Farm and Nuyaka Creek Winery (http://www.nuyakacreek.com/) Yumm to both!!

We crossed a wooden bridge just past the winery and found a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. He was pissed we were just lookin' at him! (the stick was to ensure my toes stayed intact while snapping a pic!) It was unbelievable how far he could stick out his neck!

Went by the spillway of an old lake (in the pouring rain) and hoped the water leaking over the top was intentional (didn't stay long LOL)
We stopped to wash our muddy feet (from the turtle adventure) in the downspout of a convenience store along that way (needed more coffee) and then it was off to find home and start the rest of the day.
It was a stormy, rather uneventful but enjoyable June morning!